Sunday, December 25, 2011

Martin Cid and his novel in the Mississippi river.

Martin Cid novel
I love all in relationship with the Mississippi river. I love all of the images full of smoke. I love strong characters and great passions... I love A Century of Ashes, by Martin Cid.

Francis Crick and the genetic code

Genetic code
 Yes, I like this boy. Years ago, I read an article. He said that a man is not stupid to have had bad teachers but to have a wrong genetic code. I smiled and remembered what it was written in the entry of my University in Salamanca 'What nature did not give, Salamanca cannot repare'.
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Unemployment solutions by Allen Tager

Very interesting article:
He is a great artist too.

Monday, December 12, 2011

My opinion about Elijah Wood

Do you think I was a fan of Elijah Wood? Not at all. His performance in ‘Lord of the Rings’ was boring and flat in my opinion, with that permanent expression of stomach pain. However, I have been always curious about the reasons why he got the part of Frodo Bolson: only by his blue eyes?
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