Saturday, April 7, 2012

Evil & Love

Martin Cid has recently published a mystery book of ten short stories: Ten Masks of Evil, kindle ( and paperback ( I have read the book and in spite of the seductive language and attractive descriptions of exotic places (St Petersburg streets, lighthouses in the Northern Sea, or Pop New York flats), it’s sometimes frightening, with these immoral characters, outside the love, who hide the most terrible of secrets, always to solve.
However, Martin Cid is not only an author but Yareah magazine editor, a cultural magazine which next month (May 2012), it has already announced: the issue is going to be dedicated to Love.
Q.- Why Love? To compensate Evil?
A.- They are two sides of the same coin. Mankind is fighting for happiness, but we have a dark side which pushes us to destroy our successes, maybe to can get them again. Immobility can be a hell too. Western mentality needs desires.
Q.- What were you looking for with this new book: Ten Masks of Evil?
A.- For readers, I know the most important is the plot. I try to be nice and to offer an engaging storyline, which provokes strong feelings, which involves them among the pages… but to me, as an author, the most important in a new structure, a novel split in ten short stories which compose a whole book.
Q.- Who is Milton Mills (M.M.)?
A.- He is you (laughs) and me, and everyone. He is the main character of Ten Masks of Evil but our dark side two. He hides several secrets: his birth, his capacity of seduction, his objective and his eternity. The reader must discover them, and discover his/her position in front of evil… a delicate question.
Q.- Then, what is your position in front of evil?
A.- (laughs) I have written a book to explain it. You know, it’s a book of long gestation. I started to write it more than ten years ago and it has been changing, not the first idea or the structure but the deep personality of the characters.
Q.- There are very many characters. Do you need so many to explain evil?
A.- No, but to explain is power. Every time, every place, every age… is full of evil, it’s part of our existence.
Q.- And love?
A.- Love too, as I said you before. However, it’s much more engaging evil than love when writing. In novels Love is always No Love… maybe Love at the end; precisely because the novel finishes…, no more to tell. With Yareah magazine is different, a magazine has very many articles, photos, short opinions and no end. Then, you can speak about Love: very necessary too.

Good luck, Martin Cid, with Ten Masks of Evil and with Yareah.

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